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new Aerial Photography by Odysseas Photography

Now we Offer Aerial Photography with Drones,
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We are a team of 2 creative professionals in Polis. Our work includes Professional Photography/Videography, Web Design/Development, or Mobile Development (Cross-platform or Android) or UI/UX. We also have Cyprus Photo Museum aka Odysseas Photo Gallery in Polis where Photography has been exhibited since the 1950s.
Check out our folio work in BEHANCE(2).

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture.

We started Photography in the 1950s, and Web/Mobile Development in 2000s.


Photo Odysseas started its operations since in 1950 by the Cyprus Photographer Odysseas. Photo Odysseas has been operating in Polis Chrysochous and surrounding villages since 1950.
In 1979, Andreas Georgiou, son of Odysseas, started to run the family business and in 1988 the company A.G. Odysseos Photo World Ltd was registered.
The company focuses on the area of photographs and movie making. The company expanded and now they serve customers all over Cyprus.
The company also organised several photograph exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.
The premises of the company are located in Polis Chrysochous where we have one photo studio and one Photo Museum - Gallery (the only in Cyprus). In the Photo Museum (Odysseas Photo Gallery) you can find all the material from 1950 until today and covers the photographs taken by Odysseas and Andreas in the area of Polis Chrysochous and surrounding villages. There you can also find cameras and photographic equipment that where used for these photographs and movies. The photo museum has a covered area of 450 square meters.

Photos B&W Special Offers


We have extensive web design & development and mobile development skills; experience with a wide range of projects (websites, web applications, mobile hybrid or native applications).

Our Culture

We were the first photo studio in our area (Polis Chrysochous community) starting back in the 1950s. Our half century work is shown in our Gallery (Odysseas Photo Gallery) opened in 2014, where mostly black & white old Photographs are exhibited ... along with new made color ones.

Our Method

We take each Project case very seriously... and try always to meet deadlines. A web site project normally takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete and an event photography and video should take 1 week after to get ready. For web or mobile projects we request that customers and us work together, and that customers should deliver us the project assets like videos, images and sample urls of similar web or mobile apps they prefer.

Our Skills

Design 60%
Development 70%
UX/UI 33%
Photography/Video 100%
Andros Odysseos

Andros Odysseos

A Professional Photographer in Polis, who is the director of the Cyprus Photo Museum called Odysseas Photo Gallery in Polis where he and his father exhibit Photography work dated back from 1950s. He also runs a Photo Studio in Polis.

Odysseas Georgious

Odysseas Georgiou

He was a Photographer from the 1950s and father of Andros. Most old Black & White Photographs have been taken by him and exhibited in Odysseas Photo Gallery in Polis.

Web/Mobi Developer
Leonidas Savvides

Leonidas Savvides

A Freelance Web Developer in Polis. His other interests are Mobile Development Projects as well as Web Design and UX/UI. In his folio work there is one Mobile App about Polis... and a web-site Polis web index www.Polis.town

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.


The key to a successful network operation is to provide high quality services.

Professional Photography/Videography

We offer all kinds of Events Photography/Videography like Weddings, Traditional Weddings, Baptisms, Parties etc. For Our Prices click. A sample Wedding Package Includes:

  • Church
  • Greetings
  • Reception
  • 150 Photographs with Album
  • DVD Video

We also offer Color or B&W Printing for all your Photos, Digital or not.

In our Gallery (Odysseas Photo Gallery) you can find old Polis Area Black & White Photographs dated back from 1950 till now. Color Photographs also exist . All Photographs are available for Sale (from Our Internet Web Store Web-Site or from Gallery) and some(B&W) come with certificate of authenticity.

Our Technology

Professional Photography/Videography

We use new/modern Computer and Photography/Videography equipment & Video/Photo Edit Software updated every few years... In our Photography Store (Studio) you will find everything from Cameras and Video Cameras things to CDR/DVDR/RW Discs, Polis landscapes Post Cards ... etc.

Web & Mobile Development

We use the lastest Software Development Tools & IDEs.

Why Choose Us ?

  • You get the right outcome for your project
  • We do have the right experience to produce a high-quality output
  • You don't lose money while we learn how things work
  • We'll work in a way that suits you
  • We cooperate with others.


After a Web Project Development finishes then it will be ready for Production. We will then upload/host it to a Linux Production Server or host it in the Cloud.


All our web or software projects are optimized to the recent software good practice trends. Also your Web Site, Web App or Mobile App development includes SEO & Promotion and Analytics control.

Managed Services

We cooperate with others. We get along with everyone, work well in teams and get our hands dirty to do what needs to be done. We'll work together to produce something great.

Get in Touch

We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our Services, either Photography/Videography, or Web Design/Development, or Mobile Development (Cross-platform or Android) or UI/UX.

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